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Graduating from Saint Mary’s University, B. Comm, Class of ’92, entering his family’s business, Silver’s Agencies Limited as the fourth generation of Marine and Cargo Surveyors.

Silver’s Agencies Limited via its ancestor company, Silver’s Limited, is currently the oldest independent Marine Surveying Company in the world.

On completion of University, Jeff began to grow the historic company in new, innovative directions within the International Maritime Industry, expanding product lines, efficiencies and international business contacts to gain a 90% local market share and a 20% increase in Traditional Revenues within 5 years of entering the company, a 100% increase in revenues within 10 years, and reaching a 200% increase in traditional line revenues by year 12.

After maximizing the market penetration and scope of services for the now 110-Year-old company in 2007, Jeff began to expand the business into property investment via Silver’s Investments Limited (est. 1946) and began acquiring commercial and residential rental properties.

Eventually, Jeff brought Fresh Group Atlantic within the Holdings of Silver’s Investments in the Autumn of 2008, going on to establish a Mortgage Brokerage, a Real Estate Brokerage and Fresh Developments Atlantic all under Fresh Group.

Partnering with David Johnston in early 2009, the Mortgage and Real Estate divisions were subsequently divested from the Fresh Group Portfolio, profitably, in 2010. This gave Jeff and Dave the ability to place a refined focus on Fresh Developments Atlantic as they identified it as representing the most significant growth opportunities of all their Holdings.

To date, Fresh Developments has been experiencing an average 100% year-to-year growth rate since inception; with the 2012 projection to be a 500% growth over 2011.

Jeff has now conducted business throughout Europe, North America, Central America and South America; he personally has extensive Marine, Transportation, Insurance and Hospitality Industry contacts worldwide and remains fully engaged and active in the day-to-day operations at Silver’s Agencies.

Through his Maritime Industry Network, Jeff has correspondents at every Marine Port in the World, and can put “boots on the ground” globally within hours.

Scope of services offered by Jeff’s companies: Silver’s Agencies Limited / Silver’s Agencies (2011) Limited

On and Off Hire Surveys for Commercial Vessels and Containers

Transport Stowage Consultants using Proprietary IMO, DNV and UK DOT calculation software

Transportation Consultants

Transloading and Cargo handling


Automobile Inspections for Lines, Forwarders, Insurers and Shipping Lines

In Transit cargo stowage Audits

General Loss Investigation

Loss investigation due to abnormal events such as Stowaways, Pilferage, Vehicular Accidents

Claims Investigation

Security Audits

Safety Program


In Transit Cargo Supervision,

Monitoring Cargo Escorts

Heavy Lift / Project Cargo Attendances

Weigh masters

Bulk and Break Bulk Cargo


Fish Inspection,

Grading and Analysis


Molasses, Fish Oil, Fish Meal, Wood Pellet and Petrochemical Surveys for Quantity and Quality

Deadweight / Draft Surveys

Bunker Surveys and Audits

Photographic Records

Warehousing Supervision and Surveys

Inventory Audits


Training Programs for Shippers and Receivers of Cargo

Fresh Developments Atlantic Incorporated:

High-speed Wireless network design, installation and support

Point-to-Point Data Transmission

Smart Phone Technologies

Smart / Digital Signage

LED Lighting Sales and Service

CCTV Systems

Structured Wiring Access Controls

Systems Audits Commissioning of IT Systems

Tier 1,2,3 Technical Support for Wired and Wireless Data Systems

Phone Switches and Telecommunications

Silver’s Investments Limited / Fresh Group Atlantic Incorporated

Commercial Property Evaluation

Residential Property Evaluation

Investment Property remediation and revenue maximization

Residential Property Management

Commercial Property Rentals

Residential Property Rentals

Property Development

Project Management

Business Development Consultants

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Jeff Silver

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